We are the Modern Knights Templar, an Ecumenical Christian and Chivalric charitable Order. We do not claim a direct lineage to the original Knights of the Temple, but we do seek to emulate their positive attributes in our daily lives today. We have adopted two of the original Templar missions of Protecting Christians at Risk particularly in the Holy Land and the Middle East and in Keeping the Road to Jerusalem open to all people as our own.

Affiliated with the International Order (OSMTH)





In Memoriam

We here honor those fallen Knights and Dames who have humbly passed into the hands of our Savior. They are always remembered, for in remembering them they are always with us in Spirit, and their ideals will be upheld by those of us who remain, until we each in His time are called to stand before Him, and together, we serve once again.

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Fallen Knights & Dames (June 2022-May 2023)

Name Priory
Lt Col Chev. Richard Clarke Goodwin, Ph.D., KTJ, St. Andrew (03/30/2023)
Chev. Raymond Joseph MacDonald, Esq., GOTJ St. David of Wales (03/19/2023)
Chev. John Allen Ditto, KTJ St. Mary the Virgin (03/09/2023)
COL Chev. Frederick Emil Schmitt III The Delaware (02/25/2023)
LT Chev. Harry Barham Dickinson, KCTJ Christian Soldier (01/30/2023)
Chvse. Helen Leone Pratt Newton, GOTJ St. David of Wales (01/29/2023)
Chvse. Christine Haider, GOTJ, CMTJ St. Patrick (01/21/2023)
Chev. James E. Fleming, KCTJ Philadelphia (01/18/2023)
Chvse. Sharon Ann Basham, DTJ St. Matthew (01/16/2023)
Col. Chev. Vincent James LoDuca, Esq, GOTJ St. John the Baptist (01/06/2023)
Chev. Thomas Edgar Sawyer, GOTJ Mountain House of the Lord (12/18/2022)
Dame D’Honneur Diane Berlew Smith The Delaware (12/10/2022)
Chvse. Janet Boyes Lockwood, GOTJ Holy Isle (12/10/2022)
MSgt Chev. Robert David Sundin, KTJ St. Francis (12/8/2022)
Chvse. Marilyn S. Levya, DTJ, St. Matthew (11/22/2022)
Colonel Chev. Larry B Main, GCTJ St. Clair (8/30/2022)
BG Chev. Bertram Humble Chalfant, Jr., GCTJ St. Andrew (8/24/2022)
Chev. Daniel Joseph Healy, KTJ St. Norbert (8/15/2022)
Chev. William Spears Latimore, Jr., GCTJ, CMTJ Holy Rood(07/15/2022)
Chvse. Marissa Ruth Kaubisch Springs, DTJ St. Vincent (7/10/2022)
LCDR Chev. William V. Breyfogle, KCTJ, USN (Ret.) St. John the Baptist (6/19/2022)
Chev. James Paul Lynch, Jr, KCTJ St. Mary the Virgin (6/13/2022)

Fallen Knights & Dames (June 2021-May 2022)

Name Priory
COL Chev. Andrew Martin Johnson, GOTJ St. King Charles the Martyr (5/23/2022)
Chev. Tim Meier, GOTJ St. Norbert (3/23/2022)
The Reverend Chev. Theodore J Neuhaus, SCTJ St. John the Baptist (3/14/2022)
RADM Chev. J. Robert Lunney, GOTJ St. Patrick (3/10/2022)
Chev. Francis Daniel Le Vert Coleman, GCTJ, GCMTJ Titular Priory of Nieuw Amsterdam (3/7/2022)
Chev. Lonnie Fetzer McCaskill III, KCTJ St. Thomas à Becket (2/25/2022)
Chev. Dr. William Arthur Speir, Jr, GOTJ St. Vincent (2/22/2022)
Chev. Richard Kent Mcaden, GOTJ St. Andrew (2/9/2022)
SGM Chev. Ronald Lee Dachs, Sr, GOTJ Holy Rood (1/19/2022)
Chev.Gene Boyer Fee, Sr., GCTJ, CMTJ St. Vincent(1/11/2022)
Chvse. Barbara Cole Terpening, DCTJ Holy Rood (1/11/2022)
Chvse. Carol Elizabeth Jorvig, DTJ Christian Soldier (12/26/2021)
Chev. D. Bruce Shine, Sr, GCTJ, CMTJ St. Andrew (12/6/2021)
Chev. Gary R. Williamson, KCTJ The Delaware (11/19/2021)
Chev. Carl David Walbeck, KCTJ The Delaware (11/17/2021)
Chvse Jennifer Louise Smith, DTJ St. Clair (11/5/2021)
MAJ Chev. Elbertus James Prol, GOTJ St. Thomas à Becket (10/28/2021)
COL Chev. Joseph “Jay” Barnes, KCTJ Christian Soldier (last week of October 2021)
COL Chev. Robert James Bateman, GCTJ, GMTJ St. King Charles the Martyr (late October 2021)
COL Chvse Lucie Marx-Titus, GOTJ St. Francis (10/19/2021)
Chvse Sherilyn Haskins Woodruff, DCTJ St. Vincent (10/18/2021)
CAPT Chev. Dean Roy Larson, Ph.D., GOTJ St. Mother Theodore Guerin (10/15/2021)
COL Chev. Robert Allen Besserer, Jr, KTJ Monitor and Merrimack (10/10/2021)
LTC Chev. James Llewellyn Sculley, GOTJ The Delaware (9/2/2021)
Larry Duncan McClanahan, GOTJ St. Andrew (8/27/2021)
Chev. Ronald R. Bruning, GOTJ St. Norbert (8/3/2021)
Daniel Joseph Swift, KCTJ St. Louis the Crusader (7/31/2021)
Billie-Lynn Daniels Bean, GOTJ St. Thomas á Becket (7/29/2021)
Chvse. Joanne Bolton Knight, DCTJ St. Andrew (7/18/2021)
Russell Keyes Amling, GCTJ Our Lady of Sorrows of the West (7/1/2021)
Allan Francis Keeth, GCTJ, GMTJ Temple Church (6/30/2021)
Rev. Chev. Travis Talmadge DuPriest, Jr., PhD, GCTJ GMTJ OHS St. John the Baptist (6/28/2021)
Prior Chvse. Susan McIver, GOTJ Holy Isle (6/19/2021)
LTC Chev William Frederick Radman, KTJ St. Louis the Crusader (6/12/2021)
Hugh James Francis Robertson, MD, GCTJ, CMTJ St. Bernard de Clairvaux (6/1/2021)

Fallen Knights & Dames (June 2020-May 2021)

Name Priory
William Ernest Currie, GOTJ The Light (4/13/2021)
Rev. COL SIR John Peter Schmeling Ph.D., GOTJ St. Mother Theodore Guerin (3/26/2021)
CAPT Chev. Henry Fred Berck, Jr., USN (ret), GCTJ, CMTJ Monitor and Merrimack (3/3/2021)
Dexter Carl Pehle, GOTJ Holy Grail (2/16/2021)
Elizabeth Dowell Bailey, MD, DCTJ St. Andrew (2/12/2021)
MSgt Thomas Bryan Cobb, GOTJ St. John the Baptist (1/27/2021)
Chev. Terry Hanson Haynes, KCTJ Holy Rood(1/21/2021)
Myrna Pearl Bowers Beaton, GOTJ St. Vincent (1/21/2021)
J. Phillip “Jack” London, Ph.D., GCTJ, GMTJ St. King Charles the Martyr (1/18/2021)
MAJ Oura Lee Swart, KCTJ St. Andrew (1/17/2021)
COL Chev. Robert Dixon Bewick, Jr, GOTJ The Delaware (1/2/2021)
Chev. Thomas Harvey Sparks, GOTJ Holy Rood (1/1/2021)
CDR Chev. Thomas Arthur Techentin, KCTJ Our Savior (12/29/2020)
Chev. William Terrell Baggett, KCTJ Holy Rood (12/20/2020)
CAPT Chev. Robert Perry Randolph, MD, KCTJ Monitor and Merrimack (12/17/2020)
MAJ Chev. Bruce A. Davie, KCTJ St. John the Baptist (12/5/2020)
John Hugh Mather, MD, KCTJ St. Andrew (12/5/2020)
COL Chev. Carl David Walbeck, GCTJ, CMTJ The Delaware (11/17/2020)
Laurence (Larry) Edward Fouse, KTJ The Light (11/8/2020)
Robert Lee Jerns Monitor and Merrimack (11/6/2020)
Most Blessed Theodosius, GCRTJ, GCTJ Religious Patron (10/19/2020)
Robert Samaniego, GOTJ St. Francis (10/17/2020)
Garvin Taylor “Jim” Dreger, CMTJ. GCTJ Thomas á Becket (10/12/2020)
Darrell Arlyn Neves, DMin, GOTJ St. Clair (10/1/2020)
Analee Virginia Evans, GOTJ St. Thomas a` Becket (8/15/2020)
COL Giulio Antonio Cavallo, MD, KTJ St. Patrick
Art Stumpf, GOTJ St. Louis the Crusader (7/22/2020)
COL Chester Fairbanks Cotter, GCTJ, GMTJ St. Vincent (6/24/2020)
LCDR Arthur Wallace Curtis, GOTJ St. Francis (6/20/2020)
MG Dennis John Fagan, GCTJ, CMTJ St. Patrick (6/18/2020)
Sidney Clifford, Jr., Esquire, KCTJ St. David of Wales (6/3/2020)
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