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We are the Modern Knights Templar, an Ecumenical Christian and Chivalric charitable Order. We do not claim a direct lineage to the original Knights of the Temple, but we do seek to emulate their positive attributes in our daily lives today. We have adopted two of the original Templar missions of Protecting Christians at Risk particularly in the Holy Land and the Middle East and in Keeping the Road to Jerusalem open to all people as our own.

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2018 Archive

News (Archive-2018)

The conditions faced by the Christian population across the Middle East are important for caring Christians around the world to understand. Major media outlets too often provide us, however, with an incomplete (and sometimes inaccurate) account of events there and their causes. We present herewith a collection of well-written articles on the Christian situation to help broaden your understanding of this important subject. Articles reflect the authors’ research and opinions, not those of SMOTJ.

January 17, 2018

Vice President Pence is leading the effort to direct more US government aid to Christian communities seeking to rebuild in the aftermath of IS in northern Iraq. Aid experts fear the Trump administration’s focus on Christians and other religious
minorities could do more harm than good.

By Rhys Dubin, Dan De Luce

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March 2, 2018

This personal interest story differs in several respects from our usual selections. But the authenticity in a Palestinian Christian telling his family’s story of survival in Israel is compelling to read.

Abigail Roberts | Contributor

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June 7, 2018

Christians and Yazidis bore the brunt of Islamic State’s wrath in Iraq. Two Republicans are prodding the Trump Administration to fulfill its promise of relief. In October he said help would be on the way. So where is it?

Robert McFarlane and Chris Smith
Wall Street Journal

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June 14, 2018

Responding to pressure from the White House, the USAID announces a new policy of effective, direct aid by the U.S. government to Iraqi Christians and other persecuted minorities of Iraq.

Wall Street Journal

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November 26, 2018

Jordan’s King Abdullah, II has been a courageous leader for years in seeking peace within Islam, and between Muslims and Christians, in the Middle East. His contributions, long appreciated by the Templars of OSMTH, were publicly recognized this year when he received the 2018 Templeton Prize.

by Hattie Williams
Church Times

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November 26, 2018

Israel’s success in technology industries is presenting an unusual opportunity for trained Palestinians. Technology training is one of the Jerusalem Mite’s missions benefitting Palestinian Christians in the Holy Land today, and it could support the chances for peace there in the future.

by Felicia Schwartz and Dov Lieber
Wall Street Journal

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